Colormatch, the Oculus Go, Gear VR, EVERYONE friendly game.


Stand on the color that matches the color shown on the walls. If you do not stand on the color before the floor disappears you will fall and lose. Last player standing wins. DISCLAIMER: The game will load separately for everyone so without IsThatToasted? to reset the world the animations will not sync properly. So for now single player mode is recommended.

MULTIPLAYER: The game must be hosted by IsThatToasted or another allocated player to reset the world after loading to sync the game for multiplayer. Currently there is no one around this. Otherwise the rules are similar we just ask users on the rift/vive/pc not to run when playing with Go/Gear/Daydream Users for fairness! Thanks!

Enjoy and please suggest changes. I will try to update the pattern every week or so do to the length of time it takes.

Tips: 1.No Teleporting, You will be reset. You MUST walk, period. It makes the game more challenging then teleporting. 2.If the displayed color is Purple/Chrome the game is "loading".

Work in progress. Note, this is by no way a "finished" minigame nor is it created but anyone substantial in the community. Just a fun Idea i'm trying to share with the community. Please be patient and forgive the bugs! Remember DO NOT TELEPORT when playing!!

ColorMatch (MiniGame)

Fall into a world where dinosaurs roam. Take pictures alongside life size dinosaurs! Go and Gear friendly!

Dino Island by Micah J

Enchanting - that is the right word for this little meadow. Feel free to use this space as a nice meeting spot, or if you just want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere ^_^ ~ Stick around for the sunrise/sunset - it is a wonderful experience. Thank you to Aziz for the idea and creation of that!

Enchanted Meadow

A small, bioluminescent environment.

Spirit Cave

Gremlins have stolen everyday objects from the world above. It is up to you to search the depths of the cave system to find them. Are you up to the task?

Designed and developed by Relle with help from TonyFilms335.

Scavenger's Cave

Welcome to Abydos home of the Abydonians who live in the town Nagada.


World made strictly for testing and ideas to be molded by community suggestions.

Come hang out in one of the most ambient environments I've created. Though simple it's very nice to relax and chat with some friends. Don't be afraid to stop by and see the new changes that happen regularly!

Gloomy Forest - Particle Tests and Community Ideas.

Meet the Jetsons......

The Jetsons

IPAs and chill.

Brooklyn Rooftop Hangout

Ever wonder what CounterStrike would look like inside of Altspace? Check out this oversized recreation by Amadeus on Free3D.

The Birdhouse

Welcome to the world wide web. This world has several particle effects I've made and some fun nostalgia. Particle effects are optimized if you're on mobile (Oculus Go, Gear VR). I am always adding to this world so check back regularly. Support Tiny Chairs!

Meeka's Website

Basketball in space

Space Court

“We Are All Mad Here!”



Cold Lazarus

Enjoy the winter snow of an old Toys R US

Winter TOYS R US

Feel yourself inside a Psychedelic mood :)) Feel free to walk trough the tunnel on your left and walk to the end.... and turn around :)) From there you can enjoy the epic view of my world from the outside inside my sphere created with the Shaneseditor. Only possible because i use the SDK Environment to edit my world. This world will be extended by Paul - NL If you have any ideas please feel yourself comfortable to chat me when i am building. I do live in the Netherlands at CET times Unfortunaly i can't be online much till late night when most of you are awake because of the time difference. Thanks for visiting my world :))

Kind regards from The Hague / Netherlands


➰ Psychedelic World™

The Great Hall in the Hogwarts Castle is the main gathering area in the school, which is located off the Entrance Hall. It is a room where students and teachers dine and congregate. Three meals a day are hosted in this hall.

Hogwarts Great Hall

Enter a fragile world of rainbow-colored glass and explore the maze. Can you find your way out?

Music by Robert Tiso, acclaimed water class virtuoso.

Built by Relle and the amazing team of AltspaceVR World Builders.

Glass Maze

Cheyenne Mountain is the base of operations for Stargate Command.

Cheyenne Mountain Complex

Singularity happened decades ago. A time machine was created by a rogue ally robot using old robot parts... Only problem is it was damaged by enemy AI and is now unstable . have fun! Fly out of the hands of A boss robot, and into the time machine. "Working progress"

Terminatrix By Micah J

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Tony’s Arcade
Mary's World

Watch your favorite videos Or put on a performance in a professional setting

Prime Amphitheater