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MUSE | Sound Healing Temple

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  • MUSE - Music Unifies Spiritual Energy

Welcome to the virtual home for the Temple of the Divine MUSE - a sanctuary of Light to help you regain balance and align with your higher path and purpose. This sound healing temple is for gatherings, classes, events and sharing our QSET* music soundscapes in the Metaverse. It is also a place for you to come when you need to go within and connect with your inner guidance and stillness. Many other worlds and experiences will be added on to this with access back and forth via the teleport network. Step in and explore!

  • Music • Digital Art/NFTs • Trippy Videos • DNAvatar Classes • Music Concerts • Community Gatherings
  • Created by ShapeshifterDNA

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Starting in 2000, this project has been creatively guided by evolutionary memetic transmissions that support those awakening to the higher frequency patterns of conscious evolution, illumination and enhanced DNA activation. This supports humanity's transformational journey from 3D/3rd density towards the 5D/5th World of Light. We are non-denominational and welcome all who seek to embody Light and journey along the many steps and stages of the ascension process.

Related topics of interest to this Community: Spiritual Awakening • Meditation | Stillness • Sound Healing • DNA Activation • Creativity • 5th World Frequency • Shamanic Journeying • Multidimensional Music/Sound • 3D to 5D Transformation • Intention Directed Reality • Energy Body Awareness • Mindfulness • Chakras • Higher Self • Masters, Angels, Elementals • Self Healing • Healers • Vibrational Medicine • Psychic Development • 3rd Eye Opening • Kundalini • Advanced Learning • Pastlife Explorations • Magick • Manifestation/Abundance • Entheogens/Psychedelics | Plant Teachers/Plant Medicine • Movement/Trance Dancing • Lucid Dreaming • OBE • Astral Traveling • Remote Viewing • Conscious Dying • Shapeshifting • Tantric Sexuality • Ascension • Immortality

Starting in 2022-23, we plan to create a non-profit foundation that supports evolutionary artists to create their works on the planet, pending financial resources available. Your contributions in the form of donations, purchasing products or services, taking our DNAvatar Courses, joining our YouTube Membership and collecting our NFTs will help us towards manifesting this vision. As evolutionary artists for over 30 years, we know there is little support or awareness regarding the importance of evolutionary artistic genres on the planet, free from commercial constraints, and we want to support the incoming waves of artists that need assistance to expand their work on the planet.

If this project is of interest to you and you would like to be a part of our community, reach out and connect or attend our events. ~Gary & JoAnn Chambers

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*QSET - Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions

Project Creator: JoAnn Shivanti Chambers | Creative Consultant: Gary Chambers | Lead World Builder: Jose Ferrer


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