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Welcome to Domelandia, an ever-changing hub world for 360 dome worlds created by the Vortex Community Circle. The Dome Fest West Metaverse Summer Series just ended, however we will continue to showcase select films from the series!

We hope to see you at Dome Fest West this October 6-9 in lovely Costa Mesa, CA - the "City of the Arts." For more information go to domefestwest.com.


Ryan Moore (E360) – Executive Producer & Curator

Ed Lantz (Edlantis) - Executive Producer

Audri Phillips (Audri) - Producer, Curator, Immersive Artist, VJ

Timmy Edens (UltraViolet) - Producer, World Builder, VJ/DJ, Filmmaker

Kelon Cen (Kelon) - Producer, World Builder

Mar Sorell (Mar) - Dome Designer

Jennifer Brooks (Nera) - Dome Video Player, Interactives

Ben Browne – Frequency Dome Cymatic Artwork


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