William Mahe (MCS Metaverse Builder) (Astrvm1986)

Code: ZCJ450


Welcome to Fraternity Islands [Beta] - PREMIER OPENING - In this world, you can find an unique hand-made Eiffel Tower (1:1), full open to visit. A Mall Center with shops and a lots surprises to discover... Come to celebrate the fraternity between people around the Earth.

Don't forget to add this world, as Favorite World, if you want to come whenever. Enjoy and thanks so much for your visit ! ☺ Open for live shows and events. Contact : mcs@astrvmimperivm.com

Subscriptions program available to support the Fraternity Islands project and help us to build an amazing world, visit the website : https://www.astrvmimperivm.com/fraternity_islands.html

Donation : https://paypal.me/mahecreativestudio


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The Meta&Mall² is open now !!! Have a nice visit. ; )

William Mahe (MCS Metaverse Builder) (Astrvm1986) 3 months ago

Fraternity Islands "Winter 2022 Event" is available now !!! Enjoy and have a nice journey at Fraternity Islands.

William Mahe (MCS Metaverse Builder) (Astrvm1986) 4 months ago