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# Digital Twins, Smart Homes & The Metaverse: Help Housewarm a Digital Twin of Our Mirehaven, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Home!

World for event of same name: (Digital Twins, Smart Homes & The Metaverse: Help Housewarm a Digital Twin of Our Mirehaven, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Home!, Also Hub World for Sci Tech Chat in Social VR AltspaceVR channel) Join us in Albuquerque, New Mexico, within view of the Sandia Mountains and the Rio Grande, to explore a digital twin of our new home while discussing digital twins of smart homes in general! Our event introduces a new hub world for our AltspaceVR Sci Tech Chat in Social VR channel, with transporters to other worlds for past and future events. Nestled among 3D topographic maps of New Mexico and touristy Southwest info, you'll love the setting of our ABQ, NM, Mirehaven neighborhood. We will address "phygital" (physical/digital) connections between our homes in The Metaverse and our homes IRL (In-Real-Life). Among other topics, we'll discuss plans to live stream New Mexico's famous sunrises & sunsets into AltspaceVR. BTW I am also trying to figure out how to create a digital twin of my makerspace (3D printers, vinyl & laser cutters, CNC mill, shoebox full of microcontrollers and Raspberry Pis, etc).

"Residential Digital Twins can be classified into four general groups, representing advancing levels of capabilities:

From Why Digital Twins are the Future of Home Ownership:

  • Basic 3D Visual Renderings
  • Interactive 3D Renderings with Static Data
  • Interactive 3D Renderings with Dynamic Data
  • Interactive 3D Renderings with Intelligent & Automated Use of Dynamic Data"

Re-design of smart homes with digital twins

Welcome to Del Webb Mirehaven

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"Albuquerque (Burque) is an oasis in the high desert, full of rich traditions and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. From the petroglyph mesas etched into the western cliffs around the City to sacred deep red rocks that coat the majestic bluffs to cliff dwellings and the historic Turquoise Trail, there is an outdoor adventure tugging on the soul to get after it. As you marvel at the wide open turquoise skies during the day you will unveil another level of mystical beauty as they transform into painted hues of pinks and orange at sunrise and sunset. If you’re a foodie, there are abundant and eclectic culinary nooks inspired by that entrepreneurial spirit the city is adorned with! The mild climate makes Albuquerque the perfect destination to explore anytime of the year. Often overshadowed by its surrounding regions, The Duke City is saturated with countless opportunities for you to unearth and explore.... With amazing outdoor experiences in every direction and sunshine 310 days a year, Albuquerque is the perfect launching point for your Northern New Mexico adventures. Climbing up in elevation from the piñon scrubbed foothills into the mountains, you will be delighted by the slotted canyons shadowed by towering ponderosa pine trees and cascading waterfalls. For 4,500 years indigenous people have called these mountains home." (ABQ: Lifting the Veil on Burque)

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