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Tags: #360 art #immersive dome #immersive art

Domensions is a place of connection, play, contemplation and immersive art exploration. Five themed art domes surround a central fire pit that features ceremonies, salons and spontaneous community circles. The Events Dome invites talks on a variety of topics plus performances from guest DJ’s and immersive VJ’s. The Mesmerica Dome presents a mood-elevating 360 experience by musician James Hood. The Chillout Dome offers guided meditations and 24/7 sound bath experiences with immersive visuals. The CineSphere screens fulldome art films from around the world and the Eye Poet Dome is a poetry and art gallery curated by immersive artist and animator Audri Phillips.

Domensions Core Team:

Ed Lantz (Edlantis) – Creator, Producer, World Builder & Curator

Audri Phillips (Audri) – Art Curator & Immersive Artist

Timmy Edens (UV_Paladien) – World Builder, DJ & Immersive Artist

Mar Sorell (Mar) – Dome Designer

Jennifer Brooks (Nera) – Dome Video Player

Special thanks to the many artists who supported us including Michael Strauss, Stephen Walker, Brianna Amore, Michael and Jahna and a special shout out to Doug, Athena, Justin and the entire BRCvr team for your loving support. See you in the digital dust!


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