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Tags: #club #dance #shamanic #shapeshifting #psytrance #loverave #partyzone #eroticarts

VIOLET is the ULTIMATE Love Rave Venue, launched 29 February 2022.

Grand Jeu got the house pumping 5 March with 500 guests.

The Goddess Edition 16 April was rowdy with customized avatar design by SwiftyGazz.

The best quality Club in ASVR, designed for exclusive intimate parties and raves.

Equipped with a dance floor complete with interactive sci-fi disco lamp, VIP Club, private office, DJ platform and Secret Zones.


Warning: this venue is enhanced with hypnotic optical illusion visual effects


Space Design by VRIUM Creative Team: ShuShu, Niko, Andy, Grugier, Cornelius

Sound Designer Cornelius

Altspace Channel

Discord Server


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