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Our Village

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The "Our Village" virtual space is a global meeting ground for connecting with forest communities. Learn about the indigenous peoples fighting to save our planet as they fight to protect their territory. Visit a campsite, sit by a fire, and connect with others, including indigenous youth.

From the main "hub," venture off by canoe to the Sungai Utik village in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Wander through a dense, richly biodiverse forest, and discover the people fighting every day to protect it. You will find, tucked away in nature, the customary home of the Dayak Iban people, the "Long House." Let the music, dance, and artwork transport you into their world.

This space is the "VR analogue" to the in-person "Our Village" space at COP26 in Glasgow. It is here that the organization If Not Us Then Who? and partner organizations will ask a series of questions intersecting climate change, indigenous peoples and the effects of the crisis around the world. You will find live streams of many of the in-person events within the VR space.

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This event space has been brought to you by If Not Us Then Who?

VR experience designed by MachinEyes


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