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Academia Electronica - Academia Agora

Academia Electronica – The Jagiellonian University, Institute of Philosophy

Academia Electronica was established in 2007 as a similar form to a Web university which acted in the Second Life 3D graphic environment. In 2008 the first nationwide academic course was held: Virtual Environment as the Human Reality. In successive years hundreds of students and many unregistered students participated in the lectures. Apart from regular courses, dozens of lectures were given by invited guests, during the From Student to Professor and Science Beyond Borders – The Global Academia Electronica cycles. Many conference papers were pronounced on Polish and international congresses. In 2012 the first in Poland PhD thesis defense, and the first MA examination all over the Web took place. There was first in Poland, public meeting done with Oculus Quest device in Academia. A twenty minutes, remote presentation “Virtual worlds – future education” took place on 22nd February 2020 during “Transhumanism. Ideas, strategies, concerns” conference organized by Artes Liberales Department of Warsaw University in cooperation with Society of Ethics and Philosophy of Technology. Technical support was provided by Intermedia Department of Academia of Fine Arts in Cracow.

Since its very beginnings the Academy has gained favor of the Jagiellonian University authorities, which resulted not only in their confidence to the Academy’s actions, but also in the technical support. In 2013 the Academia became an informal part of the Institute of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University. The main objective of the Academia Electronica-Institute of Philosophy is to invite both academics and students to jointly research the Web phenomena with regard to various scientific disciplines, above all to follow inter-university courses, organised by the researchers from a variety of academic centers. The activity of the Academia Electronica-Institute of Philosophy is a common good of the academic community and it is a Web venue where it is possible to do research and teach students, too.


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