Niko (nikolang88)

Code: YOA787

Solar System & Beyond

Constantly updated Solar System with accurate size ratios of planets and moons.

What to do

... Look at the star constellations

... Visit our planets and moons or look inside them

... Travel into the core of our sun

... See the death of our sun (moderator needed)

... Go on a journey beyond the solar system to distant stars and the biggest black hole in the known universe

For a low resolution simplified version visit: OEH919

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  • Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC); Gaia Coordination Unit 8; M. Fouesneau / R. Andrae / C.A.L Bailer-Jones, Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany.






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Fantastic work! I hope to experiment with creating a VR astronomy course at UC Berkeley. I could ask students to explore your solar system with specific learning goals. The Proxima simulation was great too. Feel free to email me at

Paul Kalas (msal_41283983261245) 4 months ago

That was beautiful! Thank you so much for that experience!

Karin (karin42) 7 months ago

Wow amazing! The inside of jupiter scared me.

Joniatico (Joniatico) 9 months ago

Hi, würde gern nochmal über das 2te Hauptthema sprechen 'mein leben mit ...' . Interesse ?

Isaak (kelterer) about 1 year ago

Great work! I wonder if you used real sounds from NASA! To me it sounded like that!

Andrew (jedgeorge) about 1 year ago

Amazing! Thanks Nico!

hernan poblete (msal_51381251081653) over 1 year ago

Wow! This is amazing! Thanks.

Coolbaugh (Coolbaugh_from_Orion) almost 2 years ago