Cause + Christi ( (causechristi)

Code: BPG421

Synthwave Cyber Falcon

Tags: #cause and christi #johnny android #simulation nation

Take a ride through the source code of the metaverse itself as we glide towards Simulation City on our very own Cyber Falcon. Comprised of raw quantum nanoparticles, the cyber falcon is a 'smart yacht' that gained sentience. As of the year 2i60, it was deemed a new species and was granted full autonomy and protection by The Council of the Wise.

Rumor has it that Simulation Nation has been granted access to hold weekly events here. Their mission is to transmit information that will save your dimension from the fate of theirs. We suggest you attend all their events as though your very existence depended on it.


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Cause + Christi killed it once again! Can't wait to host events here

Johnny Android (normnormalson) about 1 year ago