Gareth (GWY)

Code: BER173

How Soon is Now?

How Soon Is Now? A masterpiece by The Smith’s from the 80ies, the time when I was a teenager. A song about loneliness, isolation, the need for human connection and the depression from missing it. Covid-19 has forced us all into similar situations, stripping us off much of our human interactions, making the song more actual and important than ever. This inspired me for this work, which is a very personal reflection on my own experience during 3 months of lockdown in winter 2021 alone in my house in Dublin. I spent my days in endless video calls and conferences, talking into a laptop with colleagues, students, and collaborators. Some parts of the video are original footage from such calls. It further includes views of my wintery yard, which I was watching over months. My only connection to my loved ones was also via video calls. This footage is left untouched in the original aesthetics and visual quality. Otherwise, the visual aesthetic is more like a classical music video with visual effects showing me, performing parts of the song in an individual interpretation. However, this is my living room and as such another very personal view into my life during lockdown, where I spent much of my evenings playing with my guitars. While the final gesture in the video is one symbol, the powerful sound of the guitars is another.


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