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Jingle Ville - Christmas Light VR experience

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T'was the night before Xmas And all though the house, Not a creature was stirring, Not even a mouse ... except in Jingle Ville! .....

A Magical World painted in tiltbrush

Presented by: Creative Director & VR Artist: Juliana Loh

World-Builder/Technical: Nicholas Liang

VR Social + Guest Collaborator: Andy Fidel

Jingle Ville celebrates that resilient spirit that beats within the hearts of every person who has ever believed in magic. It is the gift of joy, optimism, faith and above all, hope that is honored and revered. Jump into the marvelous world of Jingle Ville. Grab a cup of hot chocolate. Make a new friend and then sway to the beat of holiday music. This is the land where festive lights never fade and the conversation bright and joyful. Welcome to Jingle Ville.

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We are very excited to present our Jingle Ville VR world at this year’s VIFF Immersive (Vancouver International Film Festival 2021) We are representing the category of BC Showcase for excellence in XR art. Join us Oct 1-10 🐭

Jewels (Jewels01) 22 days ago

Jan 2021 Update: After 4 weeks of hard work, Jingle Ville went online on Dec 21 2020. From that date to Jan 5 2021, our world was host to over 1000 visits. We gave 3 tours/day and a whopping 150 people 'favourited' this place. Thank YOU for visiting! :)

Jewels (Jewels01) 9 months ago

Jingle Ville is hopping! Words and phrases such as: "stunning, unique aesthetic, wonderfully conceived, cool world, a 'rare' gem worthy of the festive season...." have really warmed our hearts. THANK YOU and please pass it on! :D

Jewels (Jewels01) 10 months ago