Cause (Cause)

BRCvr: Camp Burning Saucer

It's the hottest virtual nightclub from space to ever land on the Playa, literally! Come jam out high above the ground in our floating, burning, booming fortress gone wild.

We've got a zip line to ride, trippy toys to play with, a holographic dance floor, a hidden VIP lounge, and all the drinks your can get from your own kitchen! Oh and did I mention EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE? Well I just did! Keep up!!

Way up! In the sky! On Fiiii....err. Anyway, you will probably enjoy yourself so just be here already!

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Such an amazing space. Favorited and I'm gonna head back again and again!

AlexK (anim8r_Dude) about 1 year ago

The style of music played in the club is called "Electro Swing" :)

Cause (Cause) about 1 year ago

Love the place, Design, toys, vibes but most importantly- the music!! It’s freaking awesome! What is this style funky 1920s / jazz / electronic called??

Taninster (Taninster) about 1 year ago

no doubt my fav party vibe. took a few ladies here and showed them the VIP room... maybe one too many ladies.

.B.More.Kind (bmorekind) about 2 years ago