Rebecca Evans (Transform)

Vintage BRCVR - Blue Light District

Welcome to our central Zocalo and gathering space! The Blue Light District (BLD) is the first village at Burning Man; our group began in 1995-1996 & formed a civically-planned community in 1997. We're in the desert annually & now in the metaverse! Our digital space reflects the nondescript nature of our camp; the beauty we provide is in shaping city services that you see today. Creating the space for the city to function and thrive is what motivates us, and we're grateful for our shared history that now spans across decades. Thanks to to all our contributors: Jennifer Brooks (Nera/@whimwhams) for creating the costumes, Cause for terraforming expertise, Clody Cates for permission to use my 360 photo of her "Dreampipes" installation, & Justin Gunn for bringing over a lot of Bunnies to our 23rd annual Cocktail Party.


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Burning Man 2020 was an amazing experience. Thank you to everyone who visited; conversations with old friends & new make it feel like home. Join us throughout the year for casual events, game nights, screenings, Altspace tours, and more.

Rebecca Evans (Transform) over 1 year ago