Sam Gipson (BijouSam)

Code: YGM313

the Black Rock Bijou

The Black Rock Bijou in virtual reality as it existed in actual reality. Come out of the dust and rest before the trek back into town.

3D Sorceress: Pearl Pospiech Assisted by: Sam Gipson

Art piece by: Sam Gipson, David Neuman, and Matthew Pearson

Contributing artists: Vince Pasquino (RIP), Rocky Gipson, Pedro Hernandez, Anthony Baldwin, Chris Karas, David Madison, Veronica Mendoza, Katie Ryan, Christina Sanini, Jake Owens, Lane Carlson, Ashton Tucker, Adiel Adra, Freddy Lewis, Blake Gonsoulin.


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The sweetest little theater that could ever be!

Party Girl Pearl (partygirlpearl) over 2 years ago