Lightyear of Rivia (scottfin767)

Club Flatland


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I modified it from a kit from Trigames Assets. You can buy it on the Asset Store.

Lightyear of Rivia (scottfin767) 3 months ago

you can buy the club online they are modular pack you can edit it yourself add rooms

TheRealMc (TheRealMc) 6 months ago

Hi, your nightclub looks amazing. Did you buy the template from unity to make this?

MC Strike (McStrike) 9 months ago

Welcome to Club Flatland! Come hang out, meet great friends, and listen to some great mixes and live events.

Lightyear of Rivia (scottfin767) 9 months ago

It was a great pleasure to create this space for you Flatland Funk, and a huge amount of fun

Lightyear of Rivia (scottfin767) 9 months ago