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BrcVR: Di20rient

Tags: #glamtech #pornj #disorient #bman #brcvr

Di20rient is a camp at Burning Man

Disorient has been a camp at Burning Man since 2001.

Schedule of Events:

The mission of Disorient is to make people happy_____

As we get bigger and more organized, it's important to remember that what makes Disorient special is that by joining together, we can bring happiness to more and more people. That is what we do on the playa. It is what we strive to do off the playa. That is our mission.

Disorient is precious______

These rules are artificial. We are a moment in time. Let's be grateful for the opportunity to work with each


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I'll try it out on my Oculus this evening!

Daddydog (Daddydog) 9 months ago