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First VR Art Gallery

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The First VR Art Gallery project, through the use of the medium such as Virtual Reality (VR), provides audiences with new opportunities to present artistic works in a virtual space. The project augments the existing ways of presenting artworks with the remote possibilities of a virtual environment - fully mirroring real reality or an imagine of it. Thanks to our project you have the opportunity to use new technologies such as virtual reality glasses or creative games in relation to the distribution of culture, in order to meet artists during virtual vernissages and curatorial meetings around the world. The project has been funded thanks to a Scholarship for the Promotion of Culture from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.


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19 SATURDAY AT 8PM The finissage of two magnificent artists Kamila Sitak Artkam and Krzysztof Dudzinski Ka Dee powered by RoboKoba Katarzyna Koba will be accompanied with an extraordinary night of poetry, with third guest artist D'Chaos.

Robo (robokoba) 21 days ago

Hi, next Wednesday 3rd of August at 7 PM CET we will have the Last View of our current exhibition of Balcerzak and Lekler. You are cordially welcomeme, after that our VR Gallery will be scheduled for the maintenance and will return at the end of August!

Tomek (Krvawy) 4 months ago

Hi this Friday/saturday midnight Night Sighsteeing :) oue VR Art Gallery World will be activated at 8PM CET but we wil join at midnight

Tomek (Krvawy) 7 months ago

this Thursday 19th of May at 8 PM CET we will hold the Vernissage of Inspiring Nature Exhibition by Balcerzak and Lekler, you are more than welcome to join

Tomek (Krvawy) 7 months ago

Hello everyone in our new Art Gallery!

Robo (robokoba) over 1 year ago