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Dancing Words / Tańczące Światy

Artists: Kamila Sitak, Jerzy Maciej Koba

'Rotary connects the world through a universal language of art'

We have many artists as members of Rotary, and our fellow colleagues often support our projects by donating their work for charity auctions. Together through the support of our fellow artists within Rotary, we can create joint projects that increase the recognition of Rotary as an Organization, our Rotary Clubs especially in the areas where Rotary is not well present, on the Country level, and help our artists with building their name. Our Fellowship will encourage the exchange of experiences and creating a new artistic value. Fellowship is open to all fields of Art, painters, musicians, photographers, art galleries and their owners, curators and art lovers, from every club, city, country or continent.


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this Thursday 19th of May at 8 PM CET we will hold the Vernissage of Inspiring Nature Exhibition by Balcerzak and Lekler, you are more than welcome to join

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Hello everyone in our new Art Gallery!

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