Gareth (GWY)

Code: TRM307

Singing Trees | Jurisdiction & Contradiction

This online social VR installation focuses on sonic and poetic source materials as immersive 3D multimedia. Within, colonial jurisdiction speaks in contradiction to urban landscapes, represented as spatial data, places formed from memory, and a longing for nostalgic and sentimental values. The sonic materials juxtapose how city data are complex representations of space and the audience’s understanding of human emotion. Physical movement within the scene evokes innately gained knowledge of embodied experiences gathered from ‘being human’ versus quantitative representations of place. Exploring the scene further presents a retort for this nostalgia in a more pragmatic, rational, and explorative approach to sonic art and poetic text, the liminal transition from space to place, and the interpretive, internal narratives of the collective audience. Provocations in this context are further realized via immersion in this virtual world. When combined, the study of space and place often cannot be applied outside of time, as ‘historicity’ in a Dasein context fuses existence and time firmly together. Space and place bring a further understanding of what it is to be a human, observe space and create a place, and the audience’s continuously evolving nature over the spatiotemporality of the performance.


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