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Decadent Minis Jewelry & Miniatures Boutique

Welcome to Decadent Minis Boutique the world's first interactive Virtual Boutique you can actually shop and have your items sent to you. You can also take craft classes in the classroom wing of the boutique!


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Hey Von sorry I just saw this! You can visit my store online at Thank you for your support! 😊 ❤️

Afrikanprinsis (afrikanprinsis) 6 months ago

Hello I am interested in your mini jewelry is there a place to go visit your shop if so please inform me of the place

VonDee' (vond2109) 7 months ago

Contact me at to rent our classroom for your next event!

Afrikanprinsis (afrikanprinsis) 11 months ago

Attend a FREE craft class every Tuesday and Saturday at 11am PST

Afrikanprinsis (afrikanprinsis) 12 months ago