Blockchain UniVRse (BlockchainUniVRse)


Explore the art of some of the top crypto artists from around the world. This is a mixed media exhibit in Virtual Reality(VR) highlighting the intersection of music and art, capturing the excitement of NFTs (Non Fungible Token) and XR (Extended Reality). The original exhibit reception was during #MiamiArtWeek2020 and this world will remain open to public until Jan 31, 2021.

With a curated selection of NFT artwork and music, the exhibition features still images, video, audio and portals to 3D models from a diverse range of innovative artists.

Engage in the immersive, interactive display and stay tuned to Blockchain UniVRse events to learn more about tokenizing art on the blockchain or becoming a collector, and to bid on the artist’s work.

Visitors may select music video playlists originally curated for the exhibit featuring a curated mix of sights and sounds with a global influenced Miami vibe, a show for artists by artists.

More info & purchase art:

If you are wondering what is Cryptoart / NFT:


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