Alan #stopaapihate #blm (acd)

Brooklyn Rooftop (NEW)

The Brooklyn Rooftop is your new favorite hangout spot. Grab a drink at the bar, take a soak in the hot tub, and gather around the fire pit.


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Wonderful world! Can you help us to reuse the drinks props at the bar please?

girlgeekFrancophone (girlgeekFrancophone) about 2 months ago

My new favorite world to visit.

Steven (Dogmatic) 3 months ago

Hi, query how did you get a drinks bar? Trying to create my own place but can't seem to find how to get drinks

Fruit Twist (Pumpkin614) 3 months ago

Alan, great space! Wondering where you got the fire and water, could you share?

Dave (DaveRealm) 3 months ago

Alan - I love this world and would like to use as a template to create a private event. Any chance I could talk to you about repurposing your work?

jeremy (jeremystover) 7 months ago

Great Work On This Map!

Matt Lambert (Thomasmattnum) 11 months ago

If Alan (acd) reads this will you friend me and answer a few questions for me? anyone with a room this awesome should be able to know what I am searching for

Mark (Markbliss58) about 1 year ago

I found this room last night and I love it. Very well done. Love what happens after you drink to much, very funny. Great job.

Mark (Markbliss58) about 1 year ago