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Rover missions and humanity on Mars

Rover missions and humanity on Mars is a virtual world that can be explored independently. Find out more about the special conditions for people on the Red Planet. Follow the question marks and find out how many and which forms of life could exist on the surface! Further information about the planet Mars and its exploration in the past, present and future will be conveyed in an accompanying moderation on certain dates in guided tours. This world was designed and implemented by Pierre Kretschmer and Mechthild Meinike as part of the collaboration in the Oculus Quest / Rift Germany Community group.


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Hi, I am looking for rover models that can be used in the Mars society events/worlds. Please let me know if you can share a kit

Jay_Kusnetz (sophont2001) over 1 year ago

Thanks for creating this World. Nice to stretch my legs on Mars tonight.

MrTweaks )'( (MrTweaks) about 2 years ago