Chris (Dudemaster146) (dudemaster146)

The Beach & Boardwalk

Come on out to the beach, walk the boardwalk, have a bite to eat at the on-site restaurant while gathering with friends from all over the world. This environment is optimized for mobile users and is accompanied by 1 restaurant, 1 island two lighthouses - Three decks - Two boats - Two umbrellas - One bed - Three armchairs - One bar - Two sunbed - Eight tables/low tables - One hammock - One beach net - Boardwalk -Docks -Houses -Shops


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Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed, theme nights, music nights, comedy , etc. Open for thoughts and suggestions. -Chris

Chris (Dudemaster146) (dudemaster146) 23 days ago

Thank you to everyone for coming out last night to check out the beach day/night party, it was a lot of fun and I hope all of you had fun. Spawn point has been changed so that you guys don’t get stuck in the hut when you come in.

Chris (Dudemaster146) (dudemaster146) 28 days ago