Lorelle - Educators in VR (relle)

The Last of the Glaciers

Tags: #climate change #climate #educational #education #ice cave #snow #winter #glaciers #ice #earth day 2019 #earth day

Come learn and get lost in the ice cave mountains. Estimates are that by 2050, the majority of glaciers globally will be gone. Explore one of the last glaciers in virtual reality based upon the Alaskan Glaciers with a tribute to the Four Ice Caves in the Cascade Mountains, now down to one ice cave kept in existence due to intervention.

The space is used by Educators in VR as an immersive classroom example, and idea for teaching educational programs on climate change, global warming, glaciers, oceans, sea change, science, maths, history, and more.

Developed for Earth Day 2019, an educational adventure into the last of the glaciers on earth.

This collaborative project presented by Relle and Don, and many others doing their part to save at least the virtual world.


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