Complete schedule (3-5 PST, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) & links:

Whether you are in Las Vegas at #HIMSS18, or experiencing extreme FOMO elsewhere, you can hang out in social virtual reality with other virtually-present attendees, in a very cool meeting space, on a hill in a very cool park. In that meeting space (over my left shoulder) you can watch live video feeds from HIMSSTV. If you need a break from scintillating conversation with other #himssVR aficionados, wander around outside, listening to the chirping birds and the gurgling brook.

HIMSS conference noobie? I've been coming to HIMSS since 1995, in San Antonio. Introduce yourself! I'm happy to answer questions about how to make the most of your time in Las Vegas.

Are you presenting at HIMSS18? Love to have you stop by and give us the nickel version of your talk!

HIMSS18 exhibitors are especially welcome. Feel free to mention you are at HIMSS18, a short (!) pitch, and booth number.

Questions? Need up with a technical check? Tweet me at @wareFLO or email me at