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Be part of the development of a groundbreaking experience. An empath is a person who feels someone else’s feelings. Our Empath is particularly sensitive and, merely by hearing another person’s voice, is able to tune into their feelings. In the beta test for this experience, our Empath will read the feelings of attendees who volunteer and facilitate a discussion about his talents and our emotions. With your help, we hope to make this a recurring AltspaceVR event. Join us – the curious, the spiritual, and the skeptical – as we shatter the illusion of separateness.

Disclaimer: The Empath is not a licensed psychologist or therapist. Any advice or analysis he provides is by intuition alone. Please use your own best judgement to determine what is true for you and consult with a trained professional if you need psychological help. By entering this experience, you agree that you will not hold the Empath, any and all producers, or AltspaceVR responsible for your emotional state or any actions you may take after a reading, and that you release them from any and all liability.