Featuring our first ALL-VIRTUAL LINE-UP! Coming from NYC: Meet Joel Palath, CEO, Shareflo; and from Sydney, Australia: Meet Jane Sproule, Course Director, Academy Xi (get details at AltspaceVR is hosting "Chew on This Storytelling" and bringing our first storytelling event into virtual reality! It's like geeks and artists got together and had babies, and "Chew on This Storytelling" was the result. Storytelling is a 5-10 minute format of sharing a personal story that will inspire, and elicit the boundaries of your imagination to soar. Prepare to be entertained and enthralled by our storytellers. "Chew On This Storytelling" creates community for people going through the unknown of creative and entrepreneurial efforts. They bring people together to share stories about their doubts and challenges, and what helped them get through those times. The storytellers come from all walks of life: filmmakers, authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, scientists. Join us to hear stories that shed light on what it takes to move through the unknown and follow your dreams. Previous storytellers on the Chew on This Storytelling stage have included BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page, CEO of Founders Space Steve Hoffman (rated top 10 incubator by Forbes), and filmmaker Rajiv Shah.