Chronic/invisible illness Support Group Meetup + JackBox Games Afterparty for 3-Year Anniversary!

Support group for "invisible" disabilities / chronic illnesses


The heck is a "Spoonie"? Google "Spoon Theory".

This is a weekly support group meetup for anyone living with invisible (or visible!) disabilities / chronic illnesses.

We aim to keep a positive outlook on life despite the struggles we face with living with often misunderstood "invisible" conditions which are not outwardly obvious to the naked eye.

It is possible to be positive without falling into a state of "toxic positivity", where true emotions and experiences are covered up by a false sense of optimism, which can be very harmful.

Instead, we aim to keep our chins up while learning to accept and acknowledge our very real struggles.

You can join our Discord any time for peer support outside of the events on Altspace by visiting

We also have a Facebook group:

DISCLAIMER: None of the event hosts are medical professionals. We can not diagnose or suggest treatments for any medical conditions.

Users under the age of 18 are not permitted to share any information regarding their medical history or diagnoses due to privacy laws. You may engage in support group discussions, but you may not share any specifics about your condition(s) which could be medically identifiable.

PLEASE do not speculate about what conditions you may or may not have. I understand how important it is to seek answers when you are faced with unusual health issues, but speculating online with peers can have devastating unintended consequences, and can also cause folks who live with hypochondria to experience severe anxiety.

Anyone who breaks the above guidelines will be reminded of the rules and asked to stop. If they continue, they will have to be kicked.

If you believe you were kicked by accident (it happens) or would like to appeal your ban from the event, please contact InsomniaDoodles. You can find her in the discord listed above.