Shamanic Sound Healing Explorations

Using Sound as a Tool for Transformation


Join JoAnn Shivanti on a tour and open discussion of our Sound Healing Temple worlds beginning with MUSE (BHE535).

  • EVENT repeats Weekly at different time zones.

Sound Healing is a powerful tool for personal transformation, enLIGHTenment, self-healing and shamanic journeying with or without the support of Entheogens/Plant Teachers.

This is an open discussion format to share thoughts and ideas around the subject of Sound Healing. JoAnn Shivanti will be present to share her knowledge, answer any questions and to recommend one of our 25+ worlds here in ASVR where you can engage with sound healing explorations during this event.

"Sound, vibration and frequency patterns are the foundational templates on which we build, and perceive the world around us. For every desire you seek, it begins with the formation of a frequency pattern - a sound. ~ShapeshifterDNA"

*QSET - Quantum Sonic Empowerment Transmissions

Welcome to MUSE . . . a virtual temple dedicated to visionary explorers of consciousness. It is for those who seek altered states of awareness through deep meditation, shamanic journeys and psychedelic explorations with or without the assistance of entheogens (a psychoactive substance that induces alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior for the purposes of enhancing your spiritual connection to Source Vibration).

We offer events, classes and concerts to enhance your knowledge and understanding of using multidimensional sounds to awaken and enhance your journey of Conscious Evolution.

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DISCLAIMER: This music is transformative in essence and can lift you towards higher states of consciousness. However this can also include some deeper dives into your lower levels of awareness. If you are uncomfortable at anytime, we suggest keeping your eyes open and move around to shift the energy. Breathe in deeply and relax, let go. Some of the worlds have flashing lights, be aware if you are sensitive to this.

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