Book Launch - 22 Ideas about the Future

Live from Newspeak House


2D or VR, you are invited to attend a livestream projected to a big screen. Two headsets are running at the physical venue and it is hoped you will be visited.

** An exhibition of Cybersalon event posters that will be familiar to Cyberians and some AI generated MidJourney prompted illustrations have been curate just for you, the AltSpace audience.

** THE BOOK - ** 22 Ideas About the Future: new from Cybersalon & intro by Douglas Rushkoff – story writers collaborate with subject experts... investigate paths where fast-evolving technology may take us. The book focuses on four main areas of rapid change: money, communities and identity, health and food, retail and the reshaping of our high streets.

** “If visions are futures for the heart, here we have much heartfelt foresight into how our lives, our relationships and our selves, are being transformed by data-fication. These futures feel personal, as they should.” – Tracey Follows, author of 'The Future of You'

** Published on 19 September we're inviting you to the launch event on the evening of 29 September at Newspeak House, 133-135 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2.

** The event space will be accessible from 6.30pm UK time with the watch party stream beginning at 7pm.

** The event world will be kept open until 10pm.

** There will be a Zoom audience from where our opening address will be presented from by Douglas Rushkoff. All relayed to you on a big screen.

** Amazon book link -

** Based on the year-long events & workshop series ‘Tales From The Cyber Salon’ this collection of provocations brings together a blend of near-future speculative fiction and non-fiction commentary. Be prepared for warnings and inspirations from those who speculate about the future and those who make it a reality.

** Edited by Stephen Oram and Benjamin Greenaway, with an introduction by Douglas Rushkoff.

** This is a PCM production

6.55pm - Welcome from Eva Pascoe

7.00pm - Guest speaker Douglas Rushkoff

7.15pm - Q&A with Douglas (Zoom Q&A panel)

7.30pm - Panel Discussion with Q&A chaired by Charles Arthur

8.00pm - SimplySocial: Physical | Digital | Virtual

8.30pm - Farewell digital (Zoom Closes)

9.00pm - Farewell physical (the venue clear up begins)

10pm - AltSpace event Ends.

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