Communication : Stretch yr Comfort Zone #2 EU

+18 Safe Consensual Space


ELYSIUM hosts PlayRoomSX - weekly interactive events building up to something special!

This is the 2nd workshop in the Stretch yr Comfort Zone EU Series. Part 1 duration is only 45mins, so you must be ON TIME to get the introduction to the event!

Part 1: practice consent skills and communication with the Yes No Maybe Game, co-hosted with DraculusX

Part 2: experience Sense Activation, a guided immersive somatic awareness meditation

This is your opportunity to learn how to access the delights of the new digital playground in VR.


Upcoming Infinity Circles require pre-registration to attend.

You must verify you are over 18 to join. Access to the Private Penthouse is unlocked with Club Membership.

VenusSX presents a safe educational space of freedom, connection and learning everyday consent skills.

MRE Costume Design by SwiftyGazz#6463 Discord

Space Design by VRIUM Creative Team: SHUSHU, Andy, Niko, Grugier, Cornelius

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