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How can we incorporate empathetic listening during therapeutic VR development? How can we improve our approach, and what are lessons to be learnt from other countries?

We are past the stage of trying to convince healthcare management and clinicians about the value of investing in VR. Hospitals are already sold on this technology. This is why we need to start focusing on improving the quality of the experiences we offer.

Payal Ghatnekar is a healthcare XR researcher at Torbay Hospital in the UK researching the implementation of extended reality-based healthcare interventions for teaching empathy, critical communication, teamwork, and anxiety and pain distraction.

EDVR SINNERS UniVirtual Experience 2022 June 24 Conference Schedule

Educators in VR S.I.N.ners represents the EDVR Society of Intellectual Novices, a think tank team that meets monthly to explore the future potential of XR technology in immersive education. EDVR SINNERS is open to all wishing to join in deep and thoughtful discussions, predict the future, and wave our magic wands to help Educators in VR evolve and support educators, students, researchers, trainers, and businesses exploring immersive education.

The Educators in VR UniVirtual Experience 2022 is a year-long series of informative discussions, workshops, and socials held monthly exploring a specific XR industry represented by the Educators in VR Teams, special interest groups.

Educators in VR is dedicated to integrating VR, AR, and XR into education and business representing over 3,000 members. We host over 800 free and paid educational VR events, classes, workshops, and conferences annually to help educators, students, researchers, trainers, and businesses migrate education into the metaverse.


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