+18 GET WHAT U WANT #4 : VR Touch Activation

Safe Workshop Space


VR FOREPLAY or GET WHAT U WANT is a 4 part series providing a space of connection and fun games.

This final workshop we link all the elements together: Activate our imagination - Tie our energetic fibres - Use our voice to say YES NO MAYBE - Self-touch guided meditation.

All while swimming in ELYSIUM, the ONLY sensual meditation space in AltspaceVR.

Please arrive with a “partner”. They do not have to be your intimate partner. This is a non-sexual space where you can invite your friends, it’s a training ground.

VenusSX presents a safe educational space of freedom, connection and learning everyday consent skills.

All genders welcome, limited numbers to create an intimate matrix. Arrive ON TIME as there is a lockout 20mins after event start.

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Space Design by VRIUM Creative Team: SHUSHU, Andy, Niko, Grugier, Cornelius

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