+18 VR FOREPLAY #1 : Imagination

Safe Workshop Space


VR FOREPLAY is a 4 part series providing a space of connection and fun games.

Activate your imagination. Touch your limits. Learn to get what you want.

This workshop we practise opening our imagination and gaining awareness of our energetic fibres. We drop our minds into our body with a tour of Elysium, AltspaceVR’s best sensual meditation space.

Please arrive with a “partner”. They do not have to be your intimate partner. This is a non-sexual space where you can invite your friends, it’s a training ground.

VenusSX presents a safe educational space of freedom, connection and learning everyday consent skills.

All genders welcome, limited numbers to create an intimate matrix. Arrive ON TIME as there is a lockout 20mins after event start.

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Space Design by VRIUM Creative Team: SHUSHU, Andy, Niko, Grugier, Cornelius

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