+18 VIOLET Grand Jeu USA

+18 Free Entrance


VIOLET opens her doors for USA Grand Jeu - Want to improve your A-Game?

Slide into a premium club: pumping tunes, magickal scenery, interactive sci-fi disco lamp, performances and themed rooms.

This is not just a dance party, it is an experience… a place to let go and make connections within the ambience of decadence and freedom.

We now enter the age of digital relationships and VenusSX Events provide the new erotic playspace.

Event Times in EST

11pm Doors open with VenusSX

1130pm Pre-recorded psychedelic set by DJ Sonny Moon

Dance, connect and find the secret rooms

12am Live Performance

Space Design by VRIUM Creative Team: SHUSHU, Andy, Niko, Grugier, Cornelius

MRE Designer GoogolHZ & SwiftyGazz

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