TANTRIC SECRETS EU #4 : 5 Elements

+18 Workshop Space


Tantric Secrets EU is a 5 part series designed to open a safe fun space to learn simple somatic practices.

We explore how to deepen our connection with our breath, with ourselves and our partner/s.

Each workshop we look at one aspect of energy work so we expand our everyday skills.

In this workshop, we look at the 5 elements and how we can align with them. Then we focus on our essential life force energy with breathwork in a guided meditation journey.

VenusSX presents a safe educational space of freedom, connection and learning everyday consent skills.

All genders welcome, limited numbers to create an intimate matrix. Arrive ON TIME as there is a lockout 40mins after event start.

Drop your mind into your body in ELYSIUM

Space Design by VRIUM Creative Team: SHUSHU, Andy, Niko, Grugier, Cornelius

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