UniVirtual XR Leadership Building

XR Medical Healthcare Educators in VR


Did you ever saw the movie ‘The Maze Runner? “ We currently creating and testing these kind of experiences for Leadership building under high pressure. Come and experience it yourself and help us to improve such tools.

Dana-Maria Faneker, has been sailing on big traditional sailing ships first as a crew member and later as a captain, and now she empowers people to become the captains of their lives and Virtual Reality is the most powerful tool to help her with my mission that is why she founded a tech-startup called CaptainVR. CaptainVR is developing XR & digital experiences to empower people and to make the adoption of new technology fun and accessible for everyone.

Educators in VR's XR Medical and Healthcare Team celebrates the UniVirtual Experience 2022 with two days of deep conversations exploring the use of immersive technology in the medical and healthcare industry, March 4-5, 2022, joining professionals, educators, students, developers, researchers, and passionate users exploring this field with workshops on meditation, business, simulations, well being, support groups, and more.

The Educators in VR UniVirtual Experience 2022 is a year-long series of informative discussions, workshops, and socials held monthly exploring a specific XR industry represented by the Educators in VR Teams, special interest groups.

Educators in VR is dedicated to integrating VR, AR, and XR into education and business. We host over 600 VR free and paid events, classes, workshops, and conferences annually covering all aspects of education. Educators in VR started in AltspaceVR when educators came together to solve their common challenges, and has grown to over 2,500 members from around the world, and over a dozen Team Projects (special interest groups).


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