Looking for the Traces of Change: A closer look on NFT, Metaverse and Gamification | X-TALK

Monthly Meet-up in the AREA X


One thing is becoming clear - tomorrow's world will be a different one. The shocking thing about this scenario, however, is that many entrepreneurs are not prepared for this change and do not really understand the current trends, especially in the business context. Despite everything, the clock is ticking, because they either have to move with the times or they will, unfortunately, disappear from the scene sooner or later. The search for innovations and optimal fields of application in one's own field is often like investigating a criminal case. But can you rise to the challenge and recognize the traces that trends and technical innovations leave behind? In this talk, innovation profiler and future strategist Alexander Pinker takes a look at the most important business trends of the next few years - from NFT, metaverse and Web3 to gamification.

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Alexander Pinker is an innovation profiler, future strategist and startup expert and helps companies not only to look into the next two years, but to understand the trends in technology and society for the next five to ten years. To do this, the innovation profiler goes with clients in search of the traces of change. He is the founder of "Alexander Pinker - Innovation Profiling" and the "Medialist Innovation Group" and has recently also been entrepreneurial in the areas of artificial intelligence, blended learning and Web3.


On the second Thursday of the month, we invite you to an international meet-up at AREA X, our venue in Virtual Reality. In addition to a speaker who shares his experiences around new, immersive forms of storytelling with us, our meetings offer plenty of time and space for exchange around our campfire. X-NIGHT is a social VR event from the series IMMERSIVE X hosted by vm-people.
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