Sight & Sound Theatre Production of SAMSON

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Today's Presentation:
Sight & Sound Theatre production of SAMSON.

"Samson is the original superhero. He can defeat entire armies. Slay a mighty lion. But strength isn’t the secret behind his superpower. Chosen by God from birth, he’s given superhuman strength – as long as he follows the rules. And that’s where the trouble begins. Samson soon falls prey to temptation, loses his strength and sight. But has he lost hope?

Experience every emotional peak and valley as Samson battles the Philistines – and his own personal calling. Journey with this wayward man who doesn’t find his true strength until he becomes weak."


During my first year in AltspaceVR, I listened as people shared in conversations and events. It broke my heart each time I heard how people felt left out, not heard and unloved. I decided to create a series of events where people could feel safe and hopefully experience the immeasurable love that God has for everyone. December 1st, 2019, Live Loved began with 25 days of Advent. After 25 days of consecutive events, we took a break, but found that we missed the community. So in January 2020 we began hosting daily devotionals. Over time the community has grown, as have the events.

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Bible Based Community

We meet many times each week.
✨ Devotional @ 7:48 AM EST each Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
✨ Movie Night @ 3:30 AM EST each Fri
✨ Movie Night @ 6:00 PM EST each Fri
✨ Devotional @ 3:30 AM EST each Sun

Community created and hosted by Donna McTaggart.
Live Loved events produced and hosted by donnamct, Founder of LETS MEET IN VR.

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If you wish to not be recorded, simply leave the event. (But we hope you’ll stay!)