Psychedelics meet Metaverse - Biohackers VR Meetup

The VR community dedicated to better living through biohacking

Alex Azzi


***** Please join the community here so we can meet & gather in different worlds! *****

The purpose of Biohacking VR is to bring together like-minded people obsessed with the pursuit of achieving an optimized life and superhuman performance, through biohacking and self-experimentation. Our mission: To unlock the code of human potential, by bridging the gap between the extreme and mainstream, and making the impossible, possible. We provide a setting for multi-disciplinary discussions that go beyond self-quantification, to include the art and science of taking control of your own biology, and changing the environment inside and outside yourself, so you can perform at a level you want across various domains including mental, physical, and spiritual - all while utilizing a combination of bleeding-edge tools & technologies, time-tested strategies and earth grown nutrients.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Nutrigenomics / Epigenetics

Polyphasic Sleep / Sleep enhancement / Tracking

Fasting / Intermittent / Protein Cycling

Cryotherapy / Cold Thermogenesis

Earthing / Grounding

Mobility / Injury Recovery

Fringe Technology

Sensory Deprivation Tanks / Floating

Bulletproof / 4 Hour Lifestyle

Nootropics / Smart Drugs / Cognitive Performance

Flow State / Productivity

Detoxifying / Healing

Supplements / Nutraceuticals

Entheogens / Psychedelics / Cannabis / Plant Medicines

Fitness / Gymnastics Strength Training / Exercise

Wearables / Gadgets / Tools / Apps

Meditation / Neurofeedback / EEG / Hypnosis

Binaural Beats / Lucid Dreaming

Consciousness / Altered States

Heart-rate Variability Training (HRV)

DNA Sequencing / Blood Analysis

Lasers / Light Therapy


Lifehacking / Metalearning / Lifestyle Design

Diet and Personal Habits / Ketogenic / Paleo

Superfoods / Juicing


So do you have a desire to not only rule yourself, but become the perfect version of yourself, gain an unfair advantage in life, maximize results, and supercharge your performance? If the answer is YES then I invite you to attend, participate, and grow with us in building a community around finding out what's possible with our biology in the 21st century.

So, are you Bio curious?

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