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Monthly Meet-ups in the AREA X


Welcome to X-TALKS! Every second Thursday of the month we invite you to an international meet-up in our virtual venue AREA X.

Not only do we have speakers who share their experiences around new, immersive forms of storytelling with us. You also get the opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas around our campfire.

X-TALK NOVEMBER | IMMERSIVE X SPECIAL: Thursday, November 4th, 2021, from 9:00 PM to 9:45 PM (CET)

Speaker: Vladimir Alexeev,

Topic Description: Can AI be creative? Can machine dream? And what does that mean for transmedia storytelling? Vladimir Alexeev (aka Merzmensch) explores these topics with theoretical and practical approaches. In his talk, he demonstrates the creative capabilities of AI in its state of the art.

About the Speaker: Vladimir Alexeev, also known as Merzmensch, represents what can happen when a humanities and cultural scientist is exposed to artificial intelligence in an uncontrolled manner. Instead of increasing efficiency through machine learning and generating value for stakeholders with predictive analytics, he suddenly begins to freak out. He lets AI write poems in the style of Kurt Schwitters and performs them by AI-generated jazz musicians. He uses AI to create previously non-existent people, art movements and dream sequences. He makes short films made entirely by AI (script, video, music and actors). Combining artificial intelligence and creativity is Merzmensch's goal and interest.


On the second Thursday of the month, we invite to an international meet-up at AREA X, our venue in Virtual Reality. In addition to a speaker who shares his experiences around new, immersive forms of storytelling with us, our meetings offer plenty of time and space for exchange around our campfire.

X-NIGHT is a social VR event from the series IMMERSIVE X hosted by vm-people.
Partners: eXperimental Reality Lab + Karlshochschule.

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