Robotic Exploration - Mars Society Convention

24th Annual International Mars Society Convention - 4 Days


“About six years from now”. This was Elon Musk’s response in 2020, when queried as to when SpaceX was likely to land humans on Mars. “One Hundred Percent”. That is the total area of Mars that has been mapped. For contract, just under a quarter of the world’s oceans have actually been mapped on Earth. “Mars is entirely inhabited by Robots”. What this highlights is an ever-increasing emphasis for humanity to invest in its curiosity, and ultimately achieve the complex goal of colonising and settling on Mars. Curiosity is the magical word. Humans are built with an inherent curiosity-complex. It is almost like humans are hard wired to be curious. However when it comes to Mars, curiosity may actually be lethal as there are still a number of unknowns. And the biggest risk is realised when exploration of the planet is considered. Luckily, there are technologies that may de-risk “curiosity”-driven activities. Specifically, what is meant by this is to introduce a new Robotic Paradigm where one can converge the technologies of Terrestrial Networking Capabilities, Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality, together with Artificial Intelligence-enabled Robots to do much of these activities, delivered through an Avatar delivery mechanism. Whilst the capability may not exist at this point in time, the component technologies do and are maturing every day. This paper looks to introduce, explore and design a conceptual technology-enabled architecture of the future robot for exploration of Mars. With recommendations on how this technology can not only de-risk “curiosity”-driven activities on Mars itself, but also how it can benefit the Earth as we know it.

The 24th Annual International Mars Society Convention is Thursday-Sunday, October 14-17, 2021. This convention presents a unique opportunity for those interested in the planet Mars to come together and discuss the science, technology, social implications, philosophy and a multitude of other aspects of Mars exploration.

You can register on the main website After you register, you can access the convention's main application Attendify at using code "TakingFlight".

More info and session listings are in the hub world, code PDK958

This meeting is interactive. Most of the time the speakers and members are appearing on a Zoom screen. You will be able to grab the mike so you can talk to the people in Zoom.

Speaker: Dharshun Sridharan