Industrial Silkworms - Mars Society Convention

24th Annual International Mars Society Convention - 4 Days


Early in human civilization, silkworms carved out their niche in the luxury and consumer goods industries. Silkworms persist as a humble industrial commodity, but researchers have begun to tap into their potential for high volume bioproduction. By understanding their biological features and investing in the development of key protocols, we can make silkworms a valuable part of the Martian biosphere. Silkworms have a 2-3 month life cycle once hatched and they subsist solely on a diet of mulberry leaves.

At a baseline, sustained production of silkworms as an industrial commodity can meet a significant portion of a colony’s soft goods demand. They also provide a high protein food source and a layer of biofiltration for aquaponics. Transgenic silkworms go further and offer a platform for the large scale bioproduction of known, perishable consumables like collagen [A], vaccines [B], antibiotic dressings [C], and recombinant immunotherapeutics [D]. More broadly silkworms serve as a model organism for biological research [B, E], furthering the ability of colonists to advance research in fields adjacent to colonization.

The humble silkworm continues to provide robust value after centuries of competition and by incorporating it into the Martian biosphere we can hope to join it on its journey.

The 24th Annual International Mars Society Convention is Thursday-Sunday, October 14-17, 2021. This convention presents a unique opportunity for those interested in the planet Mars to come together and discuss the science, technology, social implications, philosophy and a multitude of other aspects of Mars exploration.

You can register on the main website After you register, you can access the convention's main application Attendify at using code "TakingFlight".

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This meeting is interactive. Most of the time the speakers and members are appearing on a Zoom screen. You will be able to grab the mike so you can talk to the people in Zoom.

The Mars Society is the world’s largest and most influential space advocacy organization dedicated to the human exploration and settlement of the planet Mars. Established by Dr. Robert Zubrin and others in 1998, the group works to educate the public, the media and the government on the benefits of exploring Mars and creating a permanent human presence on the Red Planet.

Speaker: Stellie Ford