Motherland film screening



Mark de Clive-Lowe premieres his short film Motherland in the metaverse:

So many of us grow up as “others”. Questioning where we fit in, who our tribe is and how our identity meets the world. For me, this was the story of much of my life as a Japanese-New Zealander who was never Japanese enough to be Japanese, or white enough to be white. My teenage love of jazz, hip hop and drum’n’bass all stemmed from the same needs - these were music forms where I could find comfort and community through diving into albums created from artists’ own searches for belonging and identity: sonic offerings that decried the status quo and mainstream seeking something more. This premise has been my foundation as an artist - creating music that looks to answer my own inner questions and reflect the world I see, while knowing that emulating the status quo does little to help me understand my own past, present and future.

Motherland is a 43-minute film, a meditative audio-visual exploration of my Japanese ancestry and culture. Presented as both a super-NFT film and audio NFTs, Motherland features my Japanese roots-inspired music through a solo performance, set to footage shot during an artist residency in Kaga, Japan, during Summer 2019. It’s a series of instrumental tone-poems and immersive audio-visual moments to let your imagination play.