VR Foreplay : Connection Game

16+ Safe Workshop Space


Invite a friend along for a VR Foreplay Date! Facilitated by VenusSX & Sweet Angel, this is a fun workshop learning about our energy body and energetic fibres and playing a communication game. This is the opportunity to open in a safe space of sharing and practise speaking your authentic yes, no, maybe in relation to what you want and don’t want!

| Awareness | Intimacy | Embodiment |

Limited numbers, get a free ticket so that you are reminded to arrive ON TIME! Lockout is 20mins after event start.

Welcoming all genders, limited to 10 to create an intimate matrix. Arrive with a partner/friend or be prepared to pair up with another player.

16+ Respectful mature adults only, non-sexual workshop.

VenusSX is a VR facilitator dedicated to providing alternative education for adults. Smashing taboos and social conditioning so we experience greater freedom in our individuality and be more playful in our self-expression.

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