#HIMSS22 Thursday! Social VR Meetup During 2022 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition

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Our 5th year of 18-hours online in social VR during HIMSS*! Grab your VR headset and hang-out in the Health Systems Chat Conference & Expo Center floating above Orlando's International Drive! Visit our café, presentation theater, live video-stream studio, Expo services center, and four subject content clusters. Subjects include workflow & workflow tech, sustainability & climate, coronavirus & how health IT can help, plus any-and-all aspects of health IT & digital health. Our informal online meetup in social virtual reality is unaffiliated with the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition but we hope you'll attend both and share what you learn and experience.

*HIMSS stands for The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. HIMSS is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to promote the best use of IT and management systems in the healthcare industry. I (Chuck Webster, MD, MSIS, MSIE, @wareFLO on Twitter) have been attending HIMSS events since 1994, and was a HIMSS Social Media Ambassador for all six years the program. Please follow the following link to register for a wide-variety of physical and virtual events:

HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition