Intimate Exposure : The Casting Call

18+ Multi-Sensory Experience


This is the second Casting Call to be a part of Intimate Exposure, a grand event that challenges you to explore, dare to express your fantasies and improve your sensual expression in VR.

Do you want your voice to be the one that turns all the Altspace women on? Do you have the skill of seduction to guide me INSIDE your fantasy?

Come and find out what is required for the audition to enter Intimate Exposure : The Challenge! in October and explore the Secret Wombspaces.

18+ Respectful mature only. If you are an adult who does feel comfortable with hearing about sensuality, please do not attend.

VenusSX is an advocate dedicated to providing alternative education for adults. Smashing taboos and social conditioning so we experience greater freedom in our individuality and be more playful in our self-expression.

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