VR Foreplay : Connection Workshop

Safe Workshop Space


VR Foreplay: surely you have met someone in VR you would like to get to know more? Make a date to come to this workshop together! The best way to open up a safe space of communication.

Awareness and Embodiment with VenusSX & The Body Whisperer. Opening a fun educational space where we learn about our energy bodies and fibres.

Practise listening and speaking with an authentic voice in the YES NO MAYBE GAME.

Please arrive with a partner or be prepared to pair up with another player.

Welcoming all genders, limited to 10 to create an intimate matrix, so please RSVP and arrive early or on time.

18+ Respectful mature only, non-sexual workshop

VenusSX is an advocate dedicated to providing alternative education for adults. Smashing taboos and social conditioning so we experience greater freedom in our individuality and be more playful in our self-expression.

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